Where: Anderson Area YMCA – 201 E Reed Rd, Anderson, SC, 29621

When: October 8, 2022 – Doors open at 9:00 AM – Workout at 10:00 AM

Cost: Early Bird $50 Until October 6th | $60 Cash Price at the door. (An atm is onsite)

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Your Instructors

Grandmaster Pete Keko

Master Pete Keko will disclose secrets to his consistent winning competitions and making it to the Kata Grand Championships. How to increase Speed and Power in your techniques, the timing and the proper placement….


Making smother transitions of movement from one direction to another. This information can be understood and retained at any student level or rank. The Kata doesn’t change, it stays constant


Master David Crews

David Crews 7th Degree Blackbelk Isshinryu Karate began his martial arts career 21 years ago under Hanshi Phil Little at the Phil Little Karate School in Anderson, SC. He currently holds the rank of Shichidan in Isshinryu Karate and Shodan in Isshin-Jujitsu…. 


Over the past two decades, David Has been an avid tournament competitor, most recently placing 1st in kumite and empty hand kata at the 2022 IHOF in the masters divisions. His kata style is power and application focused. His kata strongly crosses over into his kumite style, focused on precision and controlled strikes. David earned his bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from Clemson University and works for the Robert Bosch Group as a director of manufacturing at the Anderson, SC facility. 

Grandmaster Chris Spruiell

Grandmaster Chris Spruiell
10th Dan Isshin-Jujitsu
9th Dan Isshinryu Karate
The Bio Mechanics of Power Striking from all angles
with tactical finishing Ground Techniques and striking…


Getting up off the ground if taken down recovering back to stand up.
Incorporated with-in the philosophy and Foundation of Isshinryu Karate

It’s a must see! – Any and all Rank levesl are welcome participate and learn


Master Instuctor Brandon Henderson

Brandon Henderson lives in Surgoinsville, Tennessee with his wife, Fanta Henderson, and their two sons, Legion and Daiken. He became a student of Isshin-Ryu karate at the age of five under the instruction of Kelly Markham, He presently a Go-Dan Master Instructor…


and has been an instructor at Sunsu Dojo, and currently instructs point sparring and Isshin-Ryu Karate, alongside his wife Fanta. He won his first Grand Championship in 2007 and IIKA Competitor of the Year in
2011. To date, Brandon has 32 years of experience in Isshin-Ryu Karate, experience in Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Jujitsu. Brandon is smooth and quick on his feet fights with timing that’s impeccable. He will demonstrate some of his Kumite drills and techniques that improve your skills. This Seminar is for any Kyu and Dan rank level. You won’t want this miss this. Master Instructor Brandon Henderson, is a winner and knows how to repeat the process. Come learn,
“Knowledge is Power.”



Shiai Competition to follow

Kata – Weapons – Kumite 

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